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Travel industry becomes aggressive after the lockdown


Travel industry becomes aggressive after the lockdown

Life is a rush, and everyone works hard to pass through it; people work hard day and night to create more and more opportunities for themselves and welcome the life that awaits. Each year we look for something new, our checklist of new year resolutions keeps updating every year, making it easier for the people to create changes. We need goals and deadlines to create changes in ourselves; we notice punctuality and say no to procrastination as the top headings of our new year resolution along with a trip to a mountain, a trip to the beach, and other locations as a treat for the hard work one does. This fills the person with all new energy and turns it easier to shape up life.

But the year 2020 was an exceptional case for the years as it was something one couldn't even think of; this year took the entire world by halt. The global pandemic showed the world its harsh realities and forced the lockdown of entire countries and closure of the work. The economic fall experienced by people during this time not only left them helpless but also made them have a harder look at their savings. Many people lost their jobs; education was at stake as schools were closes, the global business market fall, the stock market was closed. Soon the world was close to some related situation which They cannot express.

But the effect lockdown created on travel was most hazardous. As we all know, the corona was a disease that is transferred from the touch sneeze to coughing, and the best way to stop it was to avoid social contact, and travel is all about experiencing the cultures and looking for the best way to enjoy. Now with the business at stake, the traveler's business showed an immense fall.

Just a few days before the lockdown, a person shared an image of a well-known hotel, and when he went inside and ordered food, the waiter came and said, sir, you are the first customer of the day, and the time was 9 in the night. The situation was even worse; they saw the people only on their social handles, but in real life, the roads were empty; it imposed the lockdown, coming out of the house was barred. It abandoned the Outstation Cab Services were waiting for customers.

The decline of the travel industry was obvious due to lockdown, but after when the government removed the lockdown, there are major reasons that lead to the business's downfall. Some of these grave reasons are discussed below.

Increased Travel prices

The travels included nothing different from the same locations, the same visits, and the same services. Even after When removed the lockdown, people held the fear of the virus being spread among them. Hence, the hostels have to offer sanitation facilities, not the ordinary ones but with too much investment. The government ordered the hotels to provide sanitizers in every room and napkins, and once they used the napkins, the entire room had to be sanitized again, leaving no possible way for the virus to spread.

The hotels and other visiting places had to collect these charges from the customers, which no longer allowed Cheap Travel Services in Gurgaon, but with imposed taxes and service charges.

The security checks and the package decline

Now people weren't willing to travel without the assurance of the vehicle and the guide and the fellow travelers; they wanted to make sure that they do not become a victim to this virus, which not only was a grave cause but also made people saw everyone with the shadow of a doubt.

This did not allow people to have faith in traveling and its assurance. People had to come along a corona '-'ve test which would only allow them to make eligible for traveling.

The savings became the savior.

The savings are the most important thing person possesses; a person looks for the savings as the only way to complete his extra expenditures like traveling and all. But no one was sure that when with the fact then when will lockdown end, and so they did not want to risk their savings which can be utilized on grocery to be utilized on travel.

The global pandemic forced the people to watch the massive fall in the travel industry and various hotels and restaurants' losses.

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