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Busting Myth: Public transport aren’t the most economical manner


Busting Myth: Public transport aren’t the most economical manner

Vacation is the single word that will fill your heart with immense joy that you will spend time with your loved ones. Vacations are not only about visiting a certain place, but they are also a lot more about the planning and teamwork which is required to ensure that you can plan your journey. Apart from clothing, food, places to visit etc., the traveling budget is the most crucial. You might have often heard people saying that they invested half of the total expense on just the traveling, and it's somehow so regretful. If you can save some money on the traveling budget, you can increase your expenses on other lists in the category so let’s find the most economical travel method.

Door to door drop

The biggest issue faced by people is that they often get lost in traveling as they are new to the places and meet various con men. There are various regions of the tourist side where people are advised not to travel alone as those are theft-prone zones. On the locations of public transport stands like bus stand, train station and metro station there are high chances that you can get pickpocketed. So, to minimize the possible cases of thefts, users can always switch to taxis because these taxis make it easier for users to start from their doorstep and reach your location directly without stops at theft-prone regions. The best example of the same is cab services in NCR, which allows people to travel comfortably.

Enjoy the locations in the journey

In vacation places like Jaipur and Jaisalmer, you can visit limited places, including amazing forts, restaurants, and traditional regions, so that you can do it via a rental and guide. Whereas in the mountain regions any turn can give you the most beautiful view of the mountain and you would wish to enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. This can be done by a taxi traveling only because you can enjoy every stop, every tea stall in the journey and when you wish to dip your legs in cold water, you need to ask the driver to park a car nearby. You lose all this fun in public transport because you travel through a selected route with no stops, so you miss out on a great deal of fun.

Make your own decisions

The term wanderlust was coined for the people who are free to ideas, explore, and reach the destinations they never dreamt of. If you are a wanderlust, then public transport is a waste for you because you would love to enjoy the cold breeze slamming to your face and making you realize the cool sensation it provides. And you never know when at a certain place in the journey and go for an unplanned journey, and the pleasure of one is amazing. Taking a taxi for traveling allows you to decide your route on your terms and even alter it as per your wish.

Comfort is the top priority

The term public in public transport gives a vivid image of congested travel that can include large masses in the vehicle. Comfort is the first thing which is compromised in such situations as you need to settle in according to the other travelers too. Assume for once that you are with your family and want to play songs to the top of your lungs, but the neighboring travelers deny it. Then it is surely going to spoil your mood a lot. So never compromise on the major thing like comfort and travel in pride with the taxis which lets you decide your route, journey and preferences.

Golden Triangle of vacation

Whenever someone plans to go on a vacation, one of these three places is bound to make on the list, and these locations are Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, which make up the famous golden triangle of travel. The best way to cover these locations is via taxi because you can easily save a lot with it, the average cost of the entire golden triangle trip costs around 10-12k rupees, and it's only the traveling cost. Whereas when you focus on ground level, you realize that you can save a massive amount of funds if you travel by road, which falls in the range of nearly 5k rupees with intercity travels included, which is much more beneficial and comfortable than other modes of travel.


Finding the right travel agent is a tough call because sometimes the agents guarantee the safety and security of the travel but end up ruining the most important moments. So, to normalize and bring down these bars, we have sorted and listed Dadhich Travel as the most reliable and comfortable travel partner. We have already discussed the merit points and features of traveling in taxis, so all remaining is the place to decide, and then you are ready to have the most economical and amazing journey of your life.

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